Sry =.=

Hey guise!!! Im sorrie for not posting for soooooo long!!! 😥 My friend decided hat she is too busy and wants to give up on this wordpress:(((( So…. yea, im the only one left here….. As i will be having my ‘o’ levels this year, I might not be really active on wordpress… So I will only post when i’m free. Anyways, I will post about what I’ve been doing in my later posts:)

~Rae Mi

Lost phone:'(

I’ve lost my phone!!! Rather,someone have stolen it! All my memory and sim cards….. haiz sob sniff sniff:( now i have to downgrade my phone from samsung galaxy ace 2 to samsung galaxy mini and nokia:( i am currently only using samsung galaxy mini for 3G and using nokia phone for daily purposes…. Here is a picture of the nokia phone


Downgraded to this:'(

~Rae Mi

Sudden decision

Elo:) I’ve suddenly decided to sign off all posts with my name, so when you see ‘Rae Mi’, it is me(the one who posts more random and personal post… according to my friend hahaha:-)). When you see ‘Rainie’, it is my friend(The one who posts more korean stuff). So yeap^^ Now you can differentiate us:)

~Rae Mi(haha woops almost forgot to sign off haha:))

Matcha lover

Hey guys! 🙂 Anyone of you love matcha here? Cuz I certainly does. Recently, my friend recommended me to buy a matcha cookie and it is totally awesome! >_< I totally love it! It is really yummy. Before you even eat it, you can already smell the aroma of the cookie. The not very strong yet very pleasant smell of matcha coming from the cookie just makes you drool before even eating it. When you take a bite, it is very crunchy and it taste heavenly. Here’s a picture of it. I brought it from bugis, 2nd floor. Do check it out, it is awesome:)

totally awesome matcha cookie^^

totally awesome matcha cookie^^

~Rae Mi

More bout me:)

So, I’ve transfered this from my other blog. Too lazy to edit it, have fun looking:)

Think I should make a self introduction first:) I am me:) I like all sorts of things… Here comes a long list of things I like:)

Some things I LOVE…

OMG music is sooooooo awesome!!! I can’t live without MUSIC!

I luv all sorts of music especially KPOP!!!

Even though I’ve juz been introduced to Kpop not long ago, I’m in luv with them!!!!!!! I’ve no special liking for any groups as of now, but I do have a favourite soloist. IU!!!!! >.<

Some of my hobbies……

Lalalalala…. I like luv singing, but I only sing at home….. I can sing for at least 1 hour a day^^

I luv wad I luv:)

I luv dancing too!!! Applies to hip hop only. No no no Chinese dance please>.< No offense to Chinese dance lovers, but I really n totally have no passion for Chinese dance at all:'( Like singing, I can dance at home for at least 1 hour a day too! Tehee^^

Okay, now to the shows I like……….

I prefer variety shows to dramas. Here comes MY FAVOURITRE SHOW!!!

MUAHAHAHA I TOTALLY LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE SHOW EVA!!!!!!!!!!! OMO RM is the most awesome show I’ve ever watched! I never fail to watch any episodes:)

hm…….wad other shows………lemmi think…….. erm…….. basically all of my favourite shows are Korean shows(Family outing, we got married….etc)

My favourite colour

Sky blue

Pinkish purple

These 2 colours reminds me of sunset n peace. I feel more relaxed whenever I look at these 2 colours~

A cartoon character I liked most

HOW CUTE >_< !!! Stitch is the cutest cartoon character I’ve ever seen:) Can u see the other reason y I like Stitch??? Remember my favourite colour??? Yeap n u got it:) Blue n pinkish purple!!! Awesome! I have llots of stitch stuff toys at home>.<

There is another character I like a lot. Also linked to my favourite colour, n it’s very cute too>.< Doraemon! The very first cartoon I remember watching is Doraemon:)

Think im more or less done wif my introduction:) Will update it from time to time when I’ve thought of something new to add in:)

~Rae Mi


Yum yum!^^ I’ve just tried this and it tastes heavenly! Okay, I actually did not know what it was. I thought that it is just an ordinary ice-cream that has honeydew flavour. But turns out that it is not really an ice-cream…. How do i describe it…. It is kinda like an ice-cream chendol. It looks exactly like ice-cream, but it is not really solid. Instead, it is kinda melted. Like how a chendol looks like. It tastes like chendol too, just that it is honeydew flavoured. Weird right? There is ice in the middle of the ‘chendol stick’ and a layer of ‘ice-cream chendol’ in the outside. Just kinda unexpected…… But anyway, it taste awesome! I’ve never eaten something like that! 🙂 I highly recommend you to but it if you are to see it. No guarantee that you will like it, but at least you will get to try something special…. I bought it from fairprice:)

Have anyone of you tried it before? If yes, mind giving your opinions???

~Rae Mi

Finally Cured! ^^

YAY!!! My sore throat is finally cured! I’m sooooo very very happie^^ Muahahaha now I can start singing again and start disturbing and annoying my parents and neighbours with my extremely loud n non-stop singing 😛 Tehee. Lalalalalalalalalala 🙂 How awesome is it to have my voice back XD

~Rae Mi