I failed!!:'(

remember my previous posg about making korean sugar cookie?? Apparently i failed:( the colour is wrong and it is as hard as rock! i was afraid that i would get food poisoning so i didn’t dared to eat tthe whole thing LOL. Its true…. but i will continue trying:) good luck to myself
~Rae Mi

Make a guess:)

I am just being random and bored here. I love a lot of korean variety shows, but which one do you think I like the most?




Awesome things about it:

This is the 1st website i found when i first started learning Korean. It teaches different levels of korean ranging from basic to advanced. I think it is quite a good website as it not only teaches you korean, it also allows you to communicate and ask other members questions if you are to sign up as a member. It’s classes are easy to follow too:-) And most importantly, it is free of charge! Hahahaha^^

Things to improve on:

I think overall, this website is quite a good platform for learning Korean, however, I have some things that i am not really satisfied with. It is just my personal opinion. I started out being very excited at first, but as i study on, I started to feel bored throughout the lessons and cannoreally concentrate. All they have is just words, WoRdS and MORE WORDS!!! Also, they tend to squeeze everything into one page and everything is sooo crammed up together:( But other than that, I think it is quite good for learning Korean:-)

Some suggestions:

Personally, i think it would be good if they add in more pictures to accompany the lessons rather than all so wordy. It would also be good if there are some audio for us to listen to:)

~Rae Mi


I am going to give some awesome websites where I learn my korean from:) I will give my opinions and recommendations of which website is the best for learning Korean. Do look forward:)

~Rae Mi

Learning korean

I am new to the language, and is currently trying out lots of different ways to learn korean in order to have an easier time if i really am to go to korea in the future and become a singer. I am going to post things on how i study korean. Hopefully it will help some people who wants to learn korean. Goodluck to anyone who is like me, who wants to be a k-pop singer and wants to learn korean:) cheers^^


About me and this blog:)

Hi all!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a 16 year old girl from Singapore:) I’m quite crazy over Korea. I totally love k-pop and i really love to sing and dance. I am wishing to go to audition for SM entertainment/ JYP entertainment/ LOEN entertainment to be a singer in korea^^ Because of this, I am trying to learn korean now. I started learning it last month, and i totally love it. I am no expert and still wishes to continue learning forever. I really hope to be a singer in korea… Goodluck to myself:)

About this blog…. as the tittle suggests, Im going to post all the awesome korea things, such as its culture, some awesome places to visit, and its language.

I am a total beginner in creating blog, so i think i will need some time to figure out how to use these cool features in the blog. Please don’t mind if im starting out messily, i will try to get everything organised soon:) Do look forward to my posts about Korea!^^