Yum yum!^^ I’ve just tried this and it tastes heavenly! Okay, I actually did not know what it was. I thought that it is just an ordinary ice-cream that has honeydew flavour. But turns out that it is not really an ice-cream…. How do i describe it…. It is kinda like an ice-cream chendol. It looks exactly like ice-cream, but it is not really solid. Instead, it is kinda melted. Like how a chendol looks like. It tastes like chendol too, just that it is honeydew flavoured. Weird right? There is ice in the middle of the ‘chendol stick’ and a layer of ‘ice-cream chendol’ in the outside. Just kinda unexpected…… But anyway, it taste awesome! I’ve never eaten something like that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I highly recommend you to but it if you are to see it. No guarantee that you will like it, but at least you will get to try something special…. I bought it from fairprice:)

Have anyone of you tried it before? If yes, mind giving your opinions???

~Rae Mi