IM SOOO HAPPY TO SAY THAT I’VE FOUND MY FAV KPOP GROUP!!!^ ^ YAY!!!! I fell in love wif ์†Œ๋…€์‹œ๋Œ€ AKA Girls Generation/SNSD! I started liking them since the release of IGAB:) i find this song very hip hoppish and is very me hahahaha!!^^ hence i started researching on them and found out a lot about them! I really love all of the members and i loved them even more when i watched running man episodes with them inside!!! I downloaded all their songs into my phone including TTS songsXD really love love love them a lot!!!!!!!!!<3

For boy group, i fell in love with EXO!!!OMG!!!! THEY R TOTALLY AWESOME!!! THEY TOTALLY BLEW MY HEAD OFF WIF THEIR OVERDOSE!!!! Im in love wif them….<3 their choreography and songs are really the best!!! Growl, voo doo doll n overdose r my fav!!!!


Elo!!^^ Yeap as the tittle says, I’ve started working!!! Currently working at McDonalds at Lucky Plaza(Singapore). I’ve started working last year December…. Quite fun I might say. All the awesome, funny, irritating, joker, silly, hyper and all sorts of friends who I’ve met there hahahaha!!!! XD However, I might not have time to go for work as often now as I am currently in my ‘O’ Level year, so I need to concentrate on my studies…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So good luck to myself and hope I pass my ‘O’ Level with flying colours!!^^

Sry =.=

Hey guise!!! Im sorrie for not posting for soooooo long!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ My friend decided hat she is too busy and wants to give up on this wordpress:(((( So…. yea, im the only one left here….. As i will be having my ‘o’ levels this year, I might not be really active on wordpress… So I will only post when i’m free. Anyways, I will post about what I’ve been doing in my later posts:)

~Rae Mi

I failed!!:'(

remember my previous posg about making korean sugar cookie?? Apparently i failed:( the colour is wrong and it is as hard as rock! i was afraid that i would get food poisoning so i didn’t dared to eat tthe whole thing LOL. Its true…. but i will continue trying:) good luck to myself
~Rae Mi

Lost phone:'(

I’ve lost my phone!!! Rather,someone have stolen it! All my memory and sim cards….. haiz sob sniff sniff:( now i have to downgrade my phone from samsung galaxy ace 2 to samsung galaxy mini and nokia:( i am currently only using samsung galaxy mini for 3G and using nokia phone for daily purposes…. Here is a picture of the nokia phone


Downgraded to this:'(

~Rae Mi

Sudden decision

Elo:) I’ve suddenly decided to sign off all posts with my name, so when you see ‘Rae Mi’, it is me(the one who posts more random and personal post… according to my friend hahaha:-)). When you see ‘Rainie’, it is my friend(The one who posts more korean stuff). So yeap^^ Now you can differentiate us:)

~Rae Mi(haha woops almost forgot to sign off haha:))