IM SOOO HAPPY TO SAY THAT I’VE FOUND MY FAV KPOP GROUP!!!^ ^ YAY!!!! I fell in love wif 소녀시대 AKA Girls Generation/SNSD! I started liking them since the release of IGAB:) i find this song very hip hoppish and is very me hahahaha!!^^ hence i started researching on them and found out a lot about them! I really love all of the members and i loved them even more when i watched running man episodes with them inside!!! I downloaded all their songs into my phone including TTS songsXD really love love love them a lot!!!!!!!!!<3

For boy group, i fell in love with EXO!!!OMG!!!! THEY R TOTALLY AWESOME!!! THEY TOTALLY BLEW MY HEAD OFF WIF THEIR OVERDOSE!!!! Im in love wif them….<3 their choreography and songs are really the best!!! Growl, voo doo doll n overdose r my fav!!!!


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