Website#2 This is the BEST website to learn Korean I’ve ever found! It is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I LUV IT<3 It is not like normal websites that uses boring ways to teach Korean, but uses fun and interesting way to teach. They have both AUDIO and VIDEO lessons. The audio lessons: It is separated into 9 different levels(level 10 is coming soon), each level with around 30 lessons(except for level 1 with 25 lessons). It is conducted over audio, playing the conversation of mostly 2 people(Hyunwoo Sun and his team members). Because I’m only at level 1 lesson 23, I can only give my reviews based on those lessons that I have taken. I think it is a really great idea to make use of conversation to bring out the main points to the listeners. Unlike most other audio lessons conducted by other websites that are boring, the audio lessons in TTMIK is fun and interesting. It not only teaches one Korean, but also teaches one more about the culture and traditions in Korea. It also engages people in the conversation by having some funny conversations, jokes, and occasional bickering between Hyunwoo and Kyeongeun. Video lessons: I haven’t really gone through the audio lessons yet, but I think it is pretty awesome. I think from what I’ve seen, there are some interviews with idols and people from other countries to talk more about Korea. I think the videos lessons are more on some awesome things that we should know about Korea, and some reminders telling us what mistakes are not to be made when speaking in Korean.  I think that having a video lesson is a very very good idea:) It allows listeners not only to be able to listen, but also view what is going on between their conversation^^ I believe a lot of people will be attracted to their site due to the awesome videos being uploaded:) Oh! there is one very important thing that I almost missed out! They have their own store that sells textbooks and workbooks that they compiled themselves! It is based on the audio lessons on their websites. The books are cheap and very useful, It has somw awesome pictures too:) It is a great tool to make sure that the listeners get what the teachers are talking about^^ And of course not missing out the downloadable PDF files and audio files! Students can download the lesson notes into their computers to have a better understanding of the lessons being taught, and download the audios so that they can listen to it conveniently:) Also, when you go to playstore, you will be able to find their TTMIK app, that works the same way as the one on the computer. It maks it much mmore convenient for those who wants to learn Korean but are not using computer/laptom most of the times. I simply love how much they think for their students who wants to learn Korean, and I really appreciate all of their efforts to try to make it easy, convenient and interesting for people to learn Korean:) Overall: This is a very very awesome and great website to learn Korean and Korean culture. It enables viewers to have a platform to give their comments and ask questions that they are unsure of too, and the teachers will answer those questions:) I can feel the friendliness in the teachers towards the students, and also the love among themselves. I can tell that that they are really really good friends and have great teamwork and communication with each other:) Thank you teachers who are using their precious time to teach us Korean! I really appreciate your effort!^^ I strongly recommend this website to people who wants to learn Korean:) Have fun! Make sure to visit their website, and their youtube!

The TTMIK logo. Looks soooo cool!

Look at the friendly and photogenic teachers!


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