Awesome things about it:

This is the 1st website i found when i first started learning Korean. It teaches different levels of korean ranging from basic to advanced. I think it is quite a good website as it not only teaches you korean, it also allows you to communicate and ask other members questions if you are to sign up as a member. It’s classes are easy to follow too:-) And most importantly, it is free of charge! Hahahaha^^

Things to improve on:

I think overall, this website is quite a good platform for learning Korean, however, I have some things that i am not really satisfied with. It is just my personal opinion. I started out being very excited at first, but as i study on, I started to feel bored throughout the lessons and cannoreally concentrate. All they have is just words, WoRdS and MORE WORDS!!! Also, they tend to squeeze everything into one page and everything is sooo crammed up together:( But other than that, I think it is quite good for learning Korean:-)

Some suggestions:

Personally, i think it would be good if they add in more pictures to accompany the lessons rather than all so wordy. It would also be good if there are some audio for us to listen to:)

~Rae Mi


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